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Our Story

Honest, Hardworking, Reliable

Super Clean, Inc. was founded by Felix Avendano, a former citrus farm worker who found Janitorial work to help support his family.  Meanwhile, he unknowingly began to build up a great reputation and a loyal customer base wherever he was assigned.


Eventually, with the insistence of his daughters, he branched out independently in 1990.  Felix’s two daughters, helped cleaning after school and on the weekends.  They witnessed their father’s passion for quality cleaning firsthand, which inspired them to carry on their father’s hard work and dedication!

After honorable military service and working on their own career, the sisters decided to join the family business. Felix Avendano passed away in 2020, but his daughters and son-in-law continue to work alongside a resilient and dedicated team.  Helping to carry on Felix’s legacy - 30 years of proven Janitorial Industry experience.

Super Clean Inc. is in full compliance and registered with the Labor Commission. (JS-LR-1000856210)

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